The Benefits of Attending a Conference

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Conferences present great opportunities for acquiring new knowledge. Whether you are a researcher, student, or a professional looking to learn new skills, attending conferences every once in a while can be quite beneficial.

However, attending a conference where you are required to make a presentation can be stressful and intimidating especially if you aren’t used to it. To make sure you enjoy the benefits of attending the conference, always remain positive and remember that it is normal to feel overwhelmed during such moments.

The benefits, by far outweigh the fear and anxiety you might be experiencing before you make your presentation. The benefits of attending conferences are many; let’s look at some of them.

Professional Benefits

Getting feedback on your work: Even though presenting your new work might not be something you might want to do, it is the only way through which you can get valuable feedback from others in the field. Feedback, whether good or bad, is important as it guides your next course of action.

Learn about the latest research: There is no better place to learn about new developments in your field than at a conference. Most researchers prefer presenting their project findings at a conference before publication. Suppose you want to stay ahead and discover new insights into a project you are working on or about to start. In that case, you can acquire great inspiration from conferences.

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Good for your resume: Attending conferences should be something you should never shy away from mentioning in your resume. This is especially important if you made a presentation during the event. You actually stand a better chance of getting a job than someone who hasn’t been to any conference. This shows you are dedicated and willing to learn and teach others about your field.

Improves your communication and presentation skills: Conferences are all about presentations. Whether you will be making a presentation or not, you will learn from others presenting during the conference. These are skills that every professional must strive to acquire, and especially if your aim is to be a leader in your organization in the future.

Personal Benefits

Adventure and fun: Some of these conferences occur in places you have never been to, which makes them worth attending. Visiting a new city is fun, and it can be a great moment to try out a few new things for people who love adventure.

Interacting with your academic heroes: If there is an academician or researcher in your field you have been hoping to meet, chances are that they will be attending the conference. Seize the moment and present your idea to them if this is something you have always wanted to do.

Creating new networks: There’s power in networking. Conferences present a great chance for networking with others in and out of your field. Such connections are entirely meaningful as you’ll definitely need them in the future.