Teaching Kids Through Zoom Conferences? How to Make it Fun

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Suppose you are an educator offering online lessons. In that case, you must have first-hand experience of the frustrations that come with making children focus in a zoom conference. Teaching kids online demands patience but creativity is also a big part of the job.

Your learners might take a while to get used to it, but eventually, everything falls into place. However, your success will be based on your efforts, making sure they remain focused for the better part of the lessons. Naturally, a child’s concentration span is very short, and it can be even worse when they are being taught virtually.

Five Ways to Make Learning Fun

Use games to teach concepts: One of the best ways to help your learners understand concepts during online lessons is through games. There are different types of educational games for 4 year olds that you can apply to make learning useful and fun. The good thing is knowing that there are actually games for almost every subject. Games are fun; they help in stimulating cognitive abilities in children. Studies show that children who are introduced to educational games early in life tend to understand concepts faster than those who aren’t.

Using appropriate virtual backgrounds: You might want to have the fanciest backgrounds during your zoom meetings, but this might not work when teaching children. Their attraction will be more focused on what’s behind you and not the lesson. To be on the safe side, use a background that appeals to their little minds. Search for ideas online and have fun while at it.

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Create breakout rooms: This has to be one of the most exciting features in the zoom app. Create breakout rooms for your learners every once in a while to kill the boredom and to enhance collaboration, which is a significant aspect when teaching kids. They will have quite some well-deserved fun joining and leaving the breakout rooms. They will also understand that collaboration is a crucial learning process.

Virtual parties and ceremonies: If any of your learners is celebrating their birthday, a virtual party is a great idea. This goes a long way in making things a little fun for the kids who might not understand why their friends can’t go to their birthday parties. Ask them to dress up, wear party hats and have some great fun online.

Eat lunch together: Every once in a while, have lunch together with your learners and make it fun. Allow each of them to say what they feel about their meal or even something exciting they might want to let their classmates know that happened recently.

There are different ways to make online learning fun for children. Remember to take everything in your stride and pick up the lessons along the way. Virtual learning is here to stay even after the covid-19 pandemic is over. This is the correct time to arm yourself with the right skills.