Six Ways You Can Put Conference Learning into Action

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So you just attended a conference and can’t figure out how to start acting on the many inspiring lessons you acquired? Don’t fret! You are probably not alone pondering on the next best move to take. Many conference-goers experience similar challenges.

One of the most difficult things to do after attending a transformational conference is imparting the knowledge you acquired to your team and actually implementing it. This post will highlight some of the best ways to achieve all the goals you want to accomplish with the information you acquired.

Set Your Goals

Some things are easier said than done. If acquiring new habits is hard for you, setting an actionable goal and writing down why you think a plan is necessary is one of the best ways to implement your lessons. To make things even more practical and achievable, state the amount of time you will dedicate to working on the goal every day. Your plan doesn’t have to be complicated; even 30 minutes is suitable for a start.

Be Clear on How Your Actions Will Affect You and Those Around You

It will really be a waste of time if you aren’t clear on how your new move will affect you and your colleagues. Sometimes there will be costs involved, which means readjusting your budget. Also, you might get frustrated in the beginning, trying to balance out everything while still learning in the process. Take everything in your stride but don’t stop, even when nothing makes sense to you.

Write Only What You Think is Essential

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Scan through the room during a conference. You will always find people are continually scribbling in their notes books while others don’t take any notes. Everyone has their own learning style, but you must always go for what works for you. Have your notebook and pen ready before the presentations begin, and ensure to note down only what will help you. Not every point will apply to your situation.

Reward Yourself

It is quite evident that you might not achieve all your targets soon. To help you remain on course, decide how you will reward yourself for the small and big wins. Again, the secret is keeping everything simple and straightforward. You could even treat yourself to a dinner in one of your favorite restaurants as a reward for being disciplined.

Accountability is a Must

You might want to find an accountability partner to challenge you when you slacken. At the conference, you will come across many people with similar objectives as yours. Pair up with one and let them be part of the journey.

Identify Obstacles

Of course, you will come across challenges that might affect your plans; identify all of them so that you are aware of what to expect and how to deal with each of them. Other projects in the office might take much of your time; just be clear on how you will deal with such challenges.